Our Services

Innovative and flexible, BGE is happy to assist you with any size proposal, no matter how small.

Research & Surveys

Good data is good business in today's world. We can undertake background research on a range of social issues and areas including sourcing secondary data from government organisations like the Australian Bureau of Statistics and academic institutions (universities).

We can also conduct surveys to collect primary data. We use SurveyMonkey to collect our survey data which can be most cost-effective when utilising social media e.g. Facebook, or where you may have a database of clients or employees. At a more comprehensive level where you may want to survey the wider population with random sampling, we can use a specialist research company to collect the data for us where we analyse it for your specific research purposes. We can also utilise other survey methods to suit e.g. paper-based, face-2-face.

Policy & Project Engagement

These days, collaboration is key. Organisations sometimes find that they do not have the necessary in-house resources required for particular policy initiatives or projects, especially if they are a little outside the organisation's day to day operations. In such situations it can make good financial sense to engage a consultancy like BGE. 

We are able to identify the core issues and, utilising credible evidence, undertake professional analysis to ensure you find the best solutions.

We partner with fellow economists with specific skill-sets where required to deliver the best outcome for your project. The final product can be presented on a BGE branded report or using your organisation's branding.